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Senior ambassador program, winnings and application.

Duke Photography is looking for representatives to be a part of our Duke Photography Senior Ambassador Program! What is a Senior Ambassador? They are spokesmodels that help promote our Duke Photography studios in Phoenix and Tempe! You will probably already be on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest or the hundreds of social media websites out there... so... why not earn some money at the same time? An ideal Ambassador has lots of friends and is a very outgoing and energetic person. Just simply tell all of your friends about Duke Photography and show off your portraits. If accepted you will receive the following...

  • 2 FREE Modeling sessions with 5 outfits, indoor/outdoor scenes, pets, friends, props, and family.
  • Free slideshow for your Facebook page.
  • 5 FREE low resolution files to use for email and texting.
  • 50 personalized  referral cards with your favorite pose—wallets size for ease of carrying.
  • Earn FREE senior portraits, cash and prizes ( referral is a paid order for Senior, Family, Child, Modeling, or Business Headshots )
    • $10 print credit for each senior you refer
    • After 5 referrals receive $50 print credit AND $50 cash
    • After 10 referrals receive $100 print credit AND $100 cash.
    • After 20 referrals receive $200 print credit and $200 cash.
    • After 50 referrals receive $500 print credit, $500 cash, and 50 Custom Portrait Graduation Announcements.
    • Top Monthly performers at each school win (2) FREE movie passe.
    • We are looking at a maximum of 6 girls/boys Ambassadors per campus…apply today!

Ambassador application below or download PDF, and email your answers.

View our current ambassadors on facebook.

After submitting application a Duke representative will contact you.

*NOTE: HTML form 100% Secure: information encrypted over internet.

Please note that very few students will be selected this year to be ambassadors. We are looking for well rounded students with outgoing personalities, who love pictures, and who have a large desire to show off their images. Please understand we cannot select everyone. I have read and understand the program and deadlines for the ambassador program through Duke Photography and agree to participate to the best of my ability.

* NOTE: I hereby consent and authorize the use and reproduction by Duke Photography Inc. of any and all photographs for any purpose pursuant to advertising for Duke Photography Inc. without compensation. Duke Photography Inc. will not distribute, give or sell your images to any third party for their use, without further permission from all parties involved.

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