Our Senior Ambassador Program is Back!

Your families are extremely proud of you.

You will walk away after years of growing, learning, socializing, finding out who you are and what you stand for. You will receive your diploma and begin your journey. It is your ticket to change the world. It is one of the biggest days in your life. Preparing for graduation can be exciting, exhausting, and confusing all rolled into one. With final exams, papers due, and the anticipation of a truly important milestone in your life, planning for the celebration and what is to come can be more than you bargained for. Here are some suggestions to help get you in gear for graduation.

Make sure all your class work is in order and all your records are set. Check with both your teachers and the administrative staff to assure all your paperwork is in order, fees are taken care of, and required school work is completed. Get your graduation picture taken. Your senior picture will be given to friends, family, and will appear in the yearbook. This is one of the biggest milestones in a young person’s life and it is very important to capture this moment in time. Think about what has been important to you during high school and what kind of picture you will want to create. Whether you decide formal or fun, sporty or serious, capture who you are and where you are as a graduating senior. This is not something that needs to break the bank, but you should have a few to choose from.

Take time to think about and decide what you would like to do after you finish high school. Will you be moving on to college, whether it is community college or the university? You may like to get information on and speak to a Military representative if you are thinking of joining the military. Technical schools may be an option if you are looking to learn a trade, or you may consider making your way into the workforce right after leaving high school. It is always a good idea to put a plan into place of ideas for the future and think about what will be necessary to make those ideas reality. You can talk with family, teachers, and counselors to find the tools you will need to prepare yourself for your next step in life.

Graduation announcements and invitations will be needed.

This is a great opportunity to share with family and friends the news of your graduation and give them an opportunity to be part of your graduation to celebrate your achievements. There are many ways to print and make announcements and invitations both creatively and cost effectively. You will want to address and mail your announcements and party invitations at least one month prior to the graduation date.

Graduation parties are such an important celebration and considered a rite of passage. Think about where you would like to celebrate with family and friends and set a date for your party. Plan and prepare and set deadlines using a checklist. Parties at home, planning your party with other friends, and making food and refreshments simple are all ways that can keep costs at a minimum.

Make sure you order your cap and gown. Most of the time, this is handled through your school or school bookstore, but you must make sure to order them and pay for them when the time comes. Check with your advisement counselor or at the bookstore to get the deadline dates for ordering and for payment. Graduation is considered a formal affair. You will want to take time to pick out clothes for your special night. Yes, you will be wearing a cap and gown, but looking your best underneath is a must.

Check with your school library and bookstore and pay any past due fines and necessary class dues. Return all school books and check that all assignments needed for graduation are turned in. Make sure to take time to sign yearbooks and get contact information from friends. Keep in touch with teachers, coaches, and those you will miss. After leaving the crowded hallways of high school, you will be moving on making your own new pathway to the future. You will want to keep in contact with those that mean most to you as you all venture out into the world. This is the start of a new chapter in your personal book. Enjoy your graduation and all the excitement and fun it brings.

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